Suomen kielen opetus

We organise free-of-charge Finnish language studies for people who have moved to Joensuu from abroad. The basic course is designed for those who do not speak Finnish at all or speak it very little, while the intermediate course is for those who understand the basics of the language. The advanced course is for those who speak Finnish quite fluently.


Choose NON-STOP SUOMI– ALKEISRYHMÄ (beginners), if you know little to no Finnish.

Choose NON-STOP SUOMI– KESKITASON RYHMÄ (intermediate), if you have participated in the beginner course and have mastered the basics of Finnish.

Choose NON-STOP SUOMI– EDISTYNEIDEN RYHMÄ (advanced), if you can already have day-today conversations in Finnish.



During the summer, the courses are held at Luotsi at Kauppakatu 29 (Plaza Centrum shopping centre). Wait for the teacher at the entrance of the Luotsi office, they will let the whole group into the classroom at once. So be sure to be there on time, especially for evening classes!



We have started accepting registrations only by email. Registration via Whatsapp messages is no longer possible. We will only consider registrations received by email by the registration deadline. Thank you!


Registration for the courses starts 24.04.2024 at 9:00am. Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. 

Register for the course via email:

In your message upon registration, be sure to mention:

  • Your name,
  • Your phone number and/or your email
  • Which course you want to register for


By registering for a course, you commit to attending classes on a weekly basis. You can only enrol on one course. Your class takes place once a week for eight weeks.

The maximum group size is 20 people. Please let us know if you cancel. If the course is full, we will put you on a standby list and let you know if a vacancy arises.


SCHEDULE 13.5.2024-4.7.2024


BEGINNER GROUP ON MONDAYS from 10am to 11:30am – starting from 13.5.2024 COURSE IS FULL!

BEGINNER GROUP ON TUESDAYS from 5pm to 6:30pm - starting from 14.5.2024 COURSE IS FULL!



INTERMEDIATE GROUP ON WEDNESDAYS from 10am to 11:30am - starting from 15.5.2024 COURSE IS FULL!

INTERMEDIATE GROUP ON WEDNESDAYS from 5pm to 6:30pm - starting from 15.5.2024 COURSE IS FULL!



ADVANCED GROUP ON MONDAYS from 5pm to 6:30pm - starting from 13.5.2024 COURSE IS FULL!



Finnish language studies offered by our partners

TE Office of North Karelia

Integration training offers adult immigrants better chances of becoming an equal member of Finnish society. Integration training offers language skills and useful knowledge and prepares the person for studies and employment.

The TE Office will refer you to integration training if:

  • you have lived in Finland for less than three years
  • you are 17 years old or older
  • you are unemployed or about to become unemployed
  • the integration training meets your studying skills, and
  • the integration training supports your goals related to integration and employment.

Sign up at your nearest TE Office and they will evaluate your options of starting integration training.

The ‘working life oriented Finnish’ coaching (page in Finnish) teaches you Finnish language and working life skills. The coaching is aimed at all immigrants who need support with their Finnish language skills.
The Finnish language studies are carried out at the workplace. Having a job before the coaching begins helps you study the language. If you have not found a job yet, the coaching service can help you find a job or a work trial position.

Joensuu Community College

The Community College offers Finnish language courses subject to a fee for students with various skill levels. Learn more about the available courses.


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