Työnhaku Joensuussa

Are you looking for work in the Joensuu region, planning a change of career or interested in self-employment?

The Luotsi service operating under the employment services of the City of Joensuu helps you with questions related to work, education or career planning. Luotsi’s job agents help customers complete the necessary documentation, such as their CV, search for jobs and prepare for interviews. The services are based on your situation in life and a suitable path to working life.
Luotsi also offers the chance to participate in events, coaching and courses that support your job search. The job agents offer services in Finnish, English and Russian.

At the Luotsi service point, you can use a computer to look for jobs or send job applications, for example. You can also print out materials related to your job search, studies and training. The Luotsi service point also has a telephone you can use to make calls related to your job search. At the Luotsi service point, you can also find Ohjaamo (page in Finnish), a service that offers young people under the age of 30 counselling and advice for questions about their future and everyday life. The services of Luotsi and Ohjaamo are free of charge.

The employment services of Joensuu also operate TalentHub Joensuu, a service supporting the integration of skilled foreign labour in working life. On the TalentHub website, you can create a profile to present your skills to potential employers and search for open positions.

Visit us or contact Luotsi!

Business Joensuu business consulting

The business consulting of Business Joensuu helps immigrants with all questions related to entrepreneurship and business activities. The consulting services offer advice for setting up a company and developing your business. The interpretation services help you find general business consulting in your language.

Business Joensuu helps new businesses with, for example, the following:

  • support in launching a new business and obtaining permits
  • applying for start-up funding and other financing options
  • preparing a business plan and calculating profitability

The networks of Business Joensuu will help you find the key stakeholders for your business. The consulting services will also offer information on taxation, accounting legislation and insurances and help you develop your idea into a profitable business.

If you are interested in owning your own business, contact Business Joensuu.


Public employment and business services or TE Services

When you move to Finland, you can apply for integration and employment support services from the TE Office.

The TE Office will help you search for jobs, and the wide service selection is aimed at supporting your employment.

Early-stage integration services aimed at immigrants include:

  • guidance and counselling for immigrants
  • evaluating your initial situation
  • integration plan
  • integration training.

Integration services for immigrants in the local government pilots on employment

Register as a jobseeker at the TE Office. If you are eligible for the local government pilot on employment, you will be referred to your home municipality as a customer.

The local government pilot on employment means that your home municipality will help you find work. If you are a customer of the pilot and you need help, please turn to your contact person in your home municipality. You can also use the e-Services and the TE telephone services.

If you need help finding work, please contact the TE Office of North Karelia (page in Finnish).

Tuike project of the North Karelian Society for Social Security

Tuike offers work training for immigrants and partially disabled jobseekers in North Karelia. Tuike searches for work and study opportunities for its customers. You can discuss your strengths, skills and interests with the project workers. The project also offers support with using digital tools for job search. The Tuike service also helps employers find and hire new employees. If you feel like you, your customer, your friend or family member might benefit from the Tuike project, please contact the North Karelian Society for Social Security (page in Finnish).