International House Joensuu

International House Joensuu offers help and support to new Joensuu residents arriving from abroad. We want to make you and your family feel welcome and help you get settled. We are on your side, offering consultation and guidance.

Partners are an important part of IHJ’s activities. Together, we form a full service network that helps you with questions about studies, finding work, international recruitment and much more. Don’t be afraid to contact our partners!

If you are not sure where to start or you need help with integration or settling in, please contact us.

Our story

Until March 2022, International House Joensuu was known as the immigration services of the City of Joensuu. The ‘Become Karelian!’ project developed the integration consultation of labour immigration and the recruitment services of skilled foreign labour in cooperation with Business Joensuu and the Regional Council of North Karelia. The integration service was included as part of the immigration services and the activities were developed to better meet the needs of labour immigrants. The principle of the International House operating model is to bring together the services aimed at immigrants and develop cooperation between different operators to promote integration.


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