Advice on residence permits

We offer advice on questions related to residence permits to anyone who has moved to Joensuu from abroad. We also offer our services for Joensuu-based employers who are hiring workers from abroad.

We also offer advice on questions related to the residence permit process as well as help with filling in the applications and answering requests for additional information. In addition, we offer support and guidance in filling in citizenship applications, obtaining travel documents and matters related to family reunification. If necessary, we can also help you contact the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) and find legal assistance.

Please note that we do not process or accept residence permit applications. The Finnish Immigration Service accepts, processes and decides on residence permit applications. Their nearest service points are located in Kuopio and Lappeenranta.

If your matter is urgent and you can speak Finnish, Swedish or English, please contact the Finnish Immigration Service directly.

We offer residence permit advice by appointment. When you arrive for your appointment, please bring:

  • your current residence permit card
  • The Finnish Immigration Service's decision on your current residence permit
  • any previous residence permit decisions
  • valid travel document

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